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1. Earthenware  2. Stoneware  3. Porcelain  4. Ball Clay

4 Types of Clay


Stoneware is typically a less porous and sturdier material than its porcelain and earthenware siblings. People in the Indus valley (modern-day Pakistan and northern India) made a lot of stoneware. The use of this type of clay spread north to China. The Chinese produced some of the most celebrated ancient pieces in stoneware during the Han Dynasty.


Porcelain clay is the source of an ancient style of making ceramics dating back to the Shang Dynasty in China (1600 – 1046 BC). Porcelain clay’s main ingredient is kaolin clay (also known as china clay). You’ve probably used porcelain pottery that mirrors the style developed so long ago if you’ve ever eaten on fine china.

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4 Types of Clay

What Are The 4 Types Of Clay?