5 steps to making a pinch pot


The first thing for any project is picking out your clay. It’s pretty important. My recommendation for beginners is clay that makes stoneware. But don't let that stop you from starting if that's not the clay you have!

1. Picking the right clay


You’ll want to wedge the clay. The wedging process makes clay malleable, distributing moisture evenly, and removing air bubbles.

2. Preparing the clay for the project


Carve off a small amount of clay for the pinch pot. By necessity, pinch pots need to be small (unless you have huge hands!). Visit our blog for the 5 steps.

3. Forming the pinch pot


If it’s air-drying clay, you air dry it (simple!). Check the clay’s package for the drying process. If it’s a clay that needs to be fired, it’ll take a kiln. The clay’s package should give you an idea of how to fire it. Or there’s typically a friendly expert around if you’re working out of a studio.

4. Drying and hardening the clay


With a carving tool, you can add designs to the edges of the vessel. A toolset like this from Amazon would cover most everything you need. There’s a bit more to it if you want to paint or glaze your pieces. And the decision largely depends on the clay you choose at the beginning.


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