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Kristen is an amazing artist and has been making ceramics for 12 years now. She’s tried her hand at all the techniques. She’s created a collection of pieces that family and friends love having.

Josh is starting on his pottery journey and learning as he goes. But he’s spent a lot of time in the ceramic studio when Kristen and he were dating in college. 😉

We’re now a family of four! The picture is of our family at the birth of our youngest!

How Kristen started working with ceramics

I (Kristen) had no clue what I would do when I left high school. People liked what I drew, so I went to school for art.

It was a fit!

In art school, you try out all the techniques – painting, metalwork, woodworking even. But I fell in love with ceramics. It’s tactile and functional and you can form it immediately to what you want it to be.

Me and a few friends with piles of clay in the studio!

I spent hours in the studio. There were lots of late nights honing my pieces. Josh often came with me to keep me company.

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A few of Kristen’s favorite projects



I loved doing this handbuilding project on the coliseum. I studied the coliseum SO much. I know that place inside and out.

That’s one of the great things about making art – you notice all the little stuff about your subject.

Casted Mold Plates


These casted mold plates were hard work! I made the plate out of clay and then casted the mold out of that.

I experimented a lot with glazes to get the right look.

Sgraffito Vase


This is a coiled built pot. I based it on a greek amphora vase.

The design is a black slip that I painted on and then carved away for the design (sgraffito).

What Kristen is doing now

I now teach art to 5th and 6th graders. I’m going on my 10th year as a teacher!

I’m also regularly in my neighborhood studio. I make things. I try out new techniques. And I teach Josh some of the basics (and our baby. Though, that’s mostly with Playdoh).

Our daughter helping me fire students’ work on a weekend.

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