Ceramics is an ancient art. Many cultures have crafted clay into functional forms and beautiful pieces of art. We explore each culture’s history with clay and the techniques you need to know to create your own pieces.

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The Magic of Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Joanna Miller

The Magic of Jemez Pueblo Pottery Ever felt the allure of a pottery piece that seemed to whisper tales from ...


A guide to ancient Greek pottery

Kristen Fern

I confess I am a pretty big history nerd. And there’s a significant marriage between art and the past (which ...


5 incredible pots with geometric decorations

Kristen Fern

In this article, we’re showcasing 5 incredible Greek pottery pieces with geometric decorations that we think you need to see. ...


A Crash Course on Ancient Pottery Cultures

Kristen Fern

we’ve talked about this… I am a pretty big history nerd. And there’s a significant marriage between art and the ...


A guide to ancient Aztec pottery

Kristen Fern

The Aztec people created a sprawling empire that cultivated religion, music, and art. Their influences have lasted for many generations. ...


9 Navajo pottery designs you’ll want to check out

Kristen Fern

image source The Navajo people have a deep history of being great artisans and craftsmen. So today, we’re telling the ...


A guide to ancestral Pueblo pottery

Kristen Fern

Native American art is an umbrella term for what artisans created across a large geographic area. That geographic area stretches ...


A guide to ancient Mayan pottery

Kristen Fern

The Mayans made marvels. Millions of tourists each year travel to Mexico and El Salvador to see incredible stone pyramids ...


A guide to ancient Egyptian pottery

Kristen Fern

Some call ancient Egypt one the of most influential human civilizations ever. And who can argue with a culture that ...


What Is Kintsugi Pottery?

Kristen Fern

Japanese pottery is a beautiful part of the culture and history of Japan. Japanese innovations in ceramics have shaped pottery ...

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