benefit of pottery for kids

Pottery Ideas for Kids

Joanna Miller

The Tale of a Mud-Loving Tot I remember the story of a dear friend whose young son had an undying ...

pottery glaze test tiles

Glaze Test Tiles

Joanna Miller

Discover the Magic of Ceramic and Glaze Test Tiles Dive into the exciting world of pottery where you can’t miss ...

Jemez Pueblo Pottery Banner

The Magic of Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Joanna Miller

The Magic of Jemez Pueblo Pottery Ever felt the allure of a pottery piece that seemed to whisper tales from ...

doing pottery without kiln banner

Making Pottery Without A Kiln

Joanna Miller

The Art of Pottery Without a Kiln Pottery is more than just an art; it’s a dance of earth and ...

pottery bowl paint ideas featured

Ideas For Painting Pottery Bowls & Mugs

Joanna Miller

Let’s dive into the magical world of pottery painting on bowls and mugs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just ...

what is a kiln sitter

Kiln Sitters: Overview, Components & Calibration

Joanna Miller

What is a Kiln Sitter? A kiln sitter (officially KilnSitter®) is a control box that serves as an automatic shutdown ...

andy boswell crystal in glaze

crystalline glazed pottery

Joanna Miller

An Introduction to Crystalline Glazed Pottery Crystalline glazed pottery is a unique form of ceramic art that showcases magnificent crystals ...

the cost of making pottery

How Much: Cost To Get Into Pottery

Joanna Miller

The beginner or hobbyist can start molding clay at a cost between $200-$1,200. Your total costs will depend on a ...

group pottery session

How Much Are Pottery Classes?

Joanna Miller

The Cost of Pottery Classes The price for a single pottery class can vary depending on your location and the ...

What is greenware in ceramics?

Kristen Fern

You’ve made it to the greenware stage! But what is considered greenware ceramics and what does it mean for your ...

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