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The latest season (season 5) of The Great Pottery Throw Down is now on HBO. Maybe you caught the second season and loved it! Well, before you jump to the most recent season, start with Season 2.

So let’s get into it. In this article, we’ll talk through the second season judges, the host, and the winner.

How to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down

Season 2 aired on BBC 2 premiering on February 2nd, 2017. The show is produced by Love Productions. You can watch ALL the seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBO Max which has streaming rights in the United States.

Catch season 2 on HBO and work your way right on through to season 5. 🙂

What is the format of The Great Pottery Throw Down?

The second season is 6 episodes long culminating in naming a “top potter” in the United Kingdom. In each episode, the contestants complete three activities that test their fine motor skills and design sense:

  1. Throw Down
  2. Spot Test
  3. Main Make

At the end of each episode, the winner of the “main make” activity is named “Potter of the Week” and is guaranteed a spot on to the next episode.

And sadly, the judges close the episode by choosing one of the potters to send home. I get attached to the contestants, so it’s always sad to see someone leave the show!

The very last episode of the series ends with another main make contest. The winner of the contest is crowned the top potter in the United Kingdom.

The cast of The Great Pottery Thrown Down Season 2

Let’s take a look at the contestants from season 2:

PotterAge when aired Episode elimination
Carole Sender63Episode 1
Daniel Pratap55Episode 2
James Douglass25Episode 3
Elaine Wells55Episode 4
Cáit Gould31Episode 6
Nam Tran27Episode 6
Freya Bramble-Carter24Episode 7
Clover Lee33Episode 8
Richard J Parker53Episode 8
Ryan Barrett30Winner
Potters, their ages, and what episode the contestant was eliminated on during The Great Pottery Throw Down season 2

Top contestants for The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 2

There were a lot of exciting personalities and potters on the second season of The Great Pottery Throw Down. But a few of the makers stood a cut above the rest noted by how long they lasted in the series.

Let’s talk about the potters who made it to the final episode: Who are they? What do they do in everyday life? And what notable work did they make during series 2?

Clover Lee

Photo from Love Production

Clover lives in London where she works as an accountant.

Clover shined in the 6th episode of season 2 where the contestants were asked to make Russian dolls for the main make. Her Eco Animals won the day and brought her much recognition from the judges.

Clover has continued her work in pottery. You can check out her latest work, shop her wares, and follow her on social by following this link to her website.

From Clover Lee’s website gallery.

Richard J Parker

Photo from Love Production

Richard Parker owns a pub in the historic market town of Banbury where he lives and works.

Richard first made waves by winning the throw-down challenge in episode 2. Then he had his time to shine in episode 5 winning the main make challenge where contestants were asked to make a pit-fired vase.

Richard has continued his work in pottery. You can check out his latest work and follow him on social by following this link to his Instagram.

Richard Parker’s Instagram

Who won The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 2?

Ryan Barrett won season 2 of The Great Pottery Throw Down. The finale saw contestants competing to win by creating porcelain lights.

He stunned many when he shared that he had only been working with ceramics for the previous two years. He even explains on the show that it was a Tinder date that introduced him to the medium.

In his everyday life, Ryan is anything but ordinary. You may see him grace the covers of magazines as a model. He also works as a clothing designer. Needless to say, he was the talk of the town with his prince charming looks and

Who are the judges for The Great Pottery Throw Down?

Judge: Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones has judged all 5 seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down. He’s been a well-known potter even before his debut as a judge. He sells his homewares as an individual artisan. He’s most commonly known for printing retro words and letters on the sides of his wares.

You can visit his site here.

He’s typically the harshest judge with criticism. But he’s also the most likely to get emotional over a special piece of ceramics. In fact, it’s become a bit of a national treasure seeing Keith Brymer Jones cry. And of course, the internet has made it a meme, gif, and everything else.


Judge: Kate Malone

Kate Malone acted as a judge on the first two seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down when it was still on BBC.

Beyond her role as a judge on The Great Pottery Throw Down, Kate has become a well-known ceramic artist around the world and especially in the United Kingdom making incredible pottery.

Her style is unique and recognizable. She plays with nature and experiments with glazes. Check out her work on her website at this link.


Ceramics Tech: Richard Miller

We probably won’t talk about the tech for every season but Rich… is something special. In the first season, he’s nicknamed “Kiln Man Rich” by contestants and judges.

In later seasons, Richard “Rich” Miller was promoted to judge in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down.

He is a significant potter himself. His style is elegant and intricate. Check out his website and portfolio at this link.

Get to know The Great Pottery Throw Down Host from season 2

Presenter: Sara Cox

Sara served as the host or presenter of The Great Pottery Throw Down for the first two seasons.

Before the show, she was a known voice in the United Kingdom. She served as a radio host on BBC One and BBC Two.

A challenge worth mentioning from season 2

The russian dolls 😍 The russian dolls from season 2 of the Great Pottery Throw Down were INCREDIBLE!

One of our featured contestants, Clover, one this round. Check it out below.


What are you waiting for?! Go watch the show and report back! We’d love to hear what your favorite episode is! Simply send us an email at or leave a comment below.

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