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The Great Pottery Throw Down season 4 was a big hit. With bright personalities and a comedic host in Siobhán McSweeney, the series shapes up nicely with twists, turns, and of course beautiful pottery.

So let’s get into it. In this article, we’ll talk about the fourth-season judges, the host, and the winner.

How to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down

Season 4 aired on the main Channel 4 network channel premiering on January 10th, 2021. This season was special as it was shot in the throes of COVID-19, limiting much of what previous series’ had done.

The show is produced by Love Productions. You can watch ALL the seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBO Max which has streaming rights in the United States.

Catch season 4 on HBO and keep on binging with season 5. 🙂

What is the format of The Great Pottery Throw Down?

The fourth season of The Great Pottery Throwdown is 10 episodes long. The series culminates in naming a “top potter” in the United Kingdom. In each episode, the contestants complete three activities that test their fine motor skills and design sense:

  1. Throw Down
  2. Spot Test
  3. Main Make

At the end of each episode, the winner of the “main make” activity is named “Potter of the Week” and is guaranteed a spot on to the next episode.

And sadly, the judges close the episode by choosing one of the potters to send home. I get attached to the contestants, so it’s always sad to see someone leave the show!

The very last episode of the series ends with another main make contest. The winner of the contest is crowned the top potter in the United Kingdom.

The cast of The Great Pottery Thrown Down Season 4

Let’s take a look at the contestants from season 4:

PotterAge when aired Episode elimination
Ara Moradian57Episode 1
Irina43Episode 2
Susan ‘Suz’ MacInnes55Episode 3
Lee Pollard44Episode 4
Shenyue Ding28Episode 5
Henry Moore25Episode 6
Alon Shahar20Episode 7
Sally ‘Sal’ Tully58Episode 8
Hannah Ruth Walker30Episode 9
Adam Johnson36Episode 10
Peter White70Episode 10
Jodie Neale35Winner
Potters, their ages, and what episode the contestant was eliminated on during The Great Pottery Throw Down season 4

Top contestants for The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 4

The fourth season of The Great Pottery Throw Down packs a punch with personalities. The potters are varied in background and celebrated because of their talent. The host, Siobhan McSweeney is quirky, quick, and lively. Let’s learn more about them now.

Who are they? What do they do in everyday life? And what notable work did they make during series 4?

Peter White

Image from Love Productions

Peter White is a teacher of design and technology in his day-to-day life. He’s from Milton Keynes where he lives and works.

Peter had a late showing with his talent. He won the eighth episode main make where contestants were asked to make Native American Acoma Pots.

Peter has continued his work in pottery. You can check out his latest work and follow him by visiting his website at this link.

See more from Peter’s store at the link.

Adam Johnson

Image from Love Productions

At the time of the series (season 4), Adam Johnson lived in Brighton and worked as a professional support worker.

Adam had some false starts early in the season. But his talent shined through and he hit a stride by episode 4. For the remaining episodes, he finished in one of the top placements. He won the main make in episode 9 where contestants were asked to make a pedestal sink.

Adam has continued his work in pottery. You can check out his latest work, shop his wares, and follow him on social by following this link to him website.

See more from Adam’s store at the link.

Who won The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 4?


Jodie Neale won season 4 of The Great Pottery Throw Down. The final challenge completed by the contestants was a 1920s Art Deco Party Set.

She got hooked on ceramics after taking an evening pottery class. Jodie aims to tell her life story through the medium. Her works are often elegant and rich in their design.

Jodie is from Rhondda Valley and is a nurse for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. You can see her artwork and follow her by following this link to her website.

Who are the judges for The Great Pottery Throw Down season 4?

Judge: Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones has judged all 5 seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down. He’s been a well-known potter even before his debut as a judge. He sells his homewares as an individual artisan. He’s most commonly known for printing retro words and letters on the sides of his wares.

You can visit his site here.

He’s typically the harshest judge with criticism. But he’s also the most likely to get emotional over a special piece of ceramics. In fact, it’s become a bit of a national treasure seeing Keith Brymer Jones cry. And of course, the internet has made it a meme, gif, and everything else.


Judge: Richard Miller

In the first several seasons, Rich acted as the ceramics technician earning himself the nickname “Kiln Man Rich”.

In seasons 4 and 5 of The Great Pottery Throw Down, Richard “Rich” Miller acts as judge.

He is a significant potter himself. His style is elegant and intricate. Check out his website and portfolio at this link.

Get to know The Great Pottery Throw Down Host from season 4

Actress Siobhan McSweeney has acted as host and presenter for season 4 and season 5 of The Great Pottery Throw Down. She broke her leg and had to sit out for the second part of the fifth season.

Siobhán grew up in Cork and is Irish. She’s best known for her roles in the drama series, The Fall as Mary McCurdy and especially for her role in Derry Girls as Sister Michael. Derry Girls is a beloved comedy.


What are you waiting for?! Go watch the show and report back! We’d love to hear what your favorite episode is! Simply send us an email at or leave a comment below.

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