Ideas for painting pottery bowls & mugs

Joanna Miller

Let’s dive into the magical world of pottery painting on bowls and mugs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just finishing a beginner pottery class, I hope these ideas get you inspired!

group pottery session

How Much do Pottery Classes Cost

Joanna Miller

How much is a pottery class? The price for a single pottery class can vary depending on your location and the length and level of the class.

crystal glazed mug boswell

What is Crystalline Glaze Pottery

Joanna Miller

Crystalline glazed pottery is a unique form of ceramic art that showcases magnificent crystals in the finish.


How to make a pinch pot

Joanna Miller

Curious about how to make a pinch pot? In this article, we’ll share the method as well as cool project ideas to try out this handbuilding technique.


What is greenware in ceramics?

Joanna Miller

Greenware ceramics is a stage after clay is shaped and before clay is fired. So what should you know about greenware ceramics?

3 ways to reglaze pottery

Kristen Fern

Discover how to reglaze ceramics with 3 different methods. Restore the beauty of your pottery with proper care.


How To Make Clay Slip

Kristen Fern

Potters slip is a liquid mixture of clay in water. This article shares the 6 steps on how to make clay slip.

great pottery throw down

The Great Pottery Thrown Down – Winners from each season

Kristen Fern

The Great Pottery Throw Down is a delightful show. Learn more the winners from each of the 5 seasons.


What Are The 4 Types Of Clay?

Kristen Fern

So you're starting a pottery project, but you're not sure what pottery clay would be best. In this article, we'll cover the 4 different types of clay: Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and ball clay.


21 Pottery Ideas for Beginners

Kristen Fern

Pick one of these 21 pottery ideas for beginners. We've done our best to order these projects from the easiest to the hardest!