Pottery 101

Knowing the right clay, the best kiln type, or the important nuance between two products is important in ceramics. Learn the foundational parts of pottery making with us.


6 causes of clay cracking in pottery

Kristen Fern

My guess is you’re here because a ceramic project you painstakingly put together cracked. I’m so sorry! Cracked clay happens ...

What is the difference between pottery and ceramics?

Kristen Fern

Ceramics and pottery. You’ve heard these terms over and over again. But what is the difference between ceramics and pottery? ...


Lesson Plan: Slab Building Pottery For Beginners

Kristen Fern

So you want to teach your students the slab pottery technique? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been teaching ...


Handbuilding Pottery: A Complete Guide

Kristen Fern

So you’ve heard the term: Handbuilding pottery. What is it and what should you know about it? Handbuilding pottery is ...


What Is Slip & Score?

Kristen Fern

Slip and score is a part of joining clay pieces together. In this article, we’ll explore what slip and score ...


Bisque ceramics: A short guide

Kristen Fern

Isn’t that a soup? you think to yourself as you overhear “bisque” in your local pottery studio. But you’ve heard it ...


Pyrometric cones: Kiln temperatures for firing pottery

Kristen Fern

Kiln cones are geometrically shaped ceramic items of varying compositions designed to measure kiln temperatures. The different compositions are labeled ...


What is sgraffito pottery?

Kristen Fern

I LOVE sgraffito. I’ve made pots with the sgraffito method (pictured above). I saw tons of building facades and ceramics ...


What are the three methods of handbuilding with clay?

Kristen Fern

Looking to make ceramics, but don’t have access to a potters wheel? Handbuilding is a wonderful technique that only takes ...


Slab Pottery 101: A Handbuilding Technique

Kristen Fern

What is slab building in pottery? Slab building pottery is a type of handbuilding where walled pieces are formed together ...